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Barry Allen's life hadn't exactly been on track since his mother's murder. After pleading with the police, social workers and anyone else who would listen to him for more than five minutes that his father was innocent, he realized it was a lost cause. Nobody believed him, and they sure as hell didn't believe his father.

So Henry went to prison and Barry went into the foster system.

He'd been out hustling cards the say the particle accelerator exploded, a bolt of lightning sending him into a coma for nearly a damn year.

Once he recovered, Barry fled Central City, fled the group of scientists that wanted to study him like some kind of lab rat. His speed took him to Starling and to Verdant, the best club in the city, owned by the Queen family.

Barry was damn good with cards, even before the lightning, he could make a decent living at Verdant and the job meant he wouldn't have to dodge the cops. It's boring work, but it keeps him in a decent apartment and plenty of beer.

He also keeps his eyes to himself which isn't easy considering the new manager is ridiculously attractive.


Dec. 26th, 2016 09:39 am
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The call to St. Louis had been a frantic one. While the team at S.T.A.R. Labs had thought Central City was facing another metahuman attack, it was, in fact, a deeply curious vampire who wished to taste the blood of metahumans.

Barry's blood loss had been catastrophic. His suit slashed to ribbons and vampire blood staining his lips as Cisco and Caitlin brought him home. While they worked to stabilize Barry, Joe called the one person who might be best suited to help his son.

Jason, and possibly Jean-Claude as well.

Someone had to. Metahumans they could handle. Not vampires.

Texting -

Aug. 4th, 2016 02:24 pm
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I just want to order about five very large pizzas and get very drunk. And very laid. Pretty sure only one of those is gonna happen.

[About thirty seconds later.]

Hi Hartley - that was SO not meant for you. Sorry about that.
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This was either going to go amazingly well or things were going to go skidding off the rails from the get-go. Problem was? Barry had no damn idea which way it was going to tilt. He and Len had met. Talked. Agreed that for a long time there had been something between them, something that was finally worth exploring. Something that was worth trying for.

Something that could be for just the two of them. No longer The Flash and Captain Cold but Barry and Len. God. He couldn't even think about it without grinning like an idiot.

He'd gone through his apartment at least a dozen times, making sure everything was clean and in order, then ran to the few best grocery stores in Central to pick up what he'd wanted to cook for dinner. And maybe Len didn't want to dance, but Barry couldn't help himself. The music was upbeat, he was going to have a nice date in and do his very best not to spook a very rattled thief.

Len was.. unsure. He got that. A man who never did anything without a plan and now Barry was asking him to take everything he knew and flip it on it's ear. Be happy. Accept that maybe they can have something good between them. He just has to find some way to calm him down, give Len space when he needs it but reminding him that he's there. That he wants this.

So as six o'clock rolls around, Barry is still dancing around his apartment, singing as he works on putting the finishing touches on dinner and idly fluffing a pillow here and there.

They can do this.
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Barry was sure that the two scientists at STAR Labs meant well. They'd taken care of him for the past nine months while he'd been comatose. But when the impossible began to happen, when he began to vibrate at crazy speeds, Barry turned to the only person he knew who could help.

Oliver Queen. The Arrow of Starling City.

What he didn't expect was to run all the way there in record time.

His shoes might be smoking just a tad as he skids to a halt outside of Verdant.

Okay, no. His shoes are on fire. "Crap, crap! Oliver? Felicity?"
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It's funny how technology makes the little details of life easier. Your phone wakes you up, calendar acts as your reminder so you don't forget where to be and when. And sometimes? Sometimes it's pretty amazing when an old friend from college finds you on social media and wants to catch up. Jessica was brilliant and Barry was a couple of years ahead of most of his peers, placing him in advanced college courses with students that had at least five years on him. It might have been daunting if he hadn't been enjoying it so damned much. Intelligence was rewarded in college, it didn't get you bullied or into trouble with the popular kids.

Okay, so it also helped that he was far enough away from Central City that most people didn't know his father was in prison (wrongly) for the murder of his mother.

Barry had immediately replied to Jessica's friend request, which started a series of messages that quickly became video calls and almost daily online chats. They talked about work, about their lives, Barry even told her about the lightning strike, but not quite what happened after he woke up, and his new friends. Star Trek marathons with his best friend. Talking to Caitlin over drinks and the infamous Karaoke Incident.

So when Jessica asked if she could visit, he instantly agreed. Sure, Barry could run there in an hour or less, but it'd be nice to see her and introduce her to his friends. She might even be able to charm a smile out of Harry.

.. and maybe he'd bet Cisco fifty bucks to that effect.
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