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RP journal for fun and shenanigans only. Character is open to pretty much all ships, canon points and I'm always good with gen. Don't hesitate to ping me with any ideas, I promise I don't bite!

Barry comes in regular edition or the AU version - Barry Allen, Rogue Speedster. The short version - Barry Allen's life hadn't exactly been on track since his mother's murder. After pleading with the police, social workers and anyone else who would listen to him for more than five minutes that his father was innocent, he realized it was a lost cause. Nobody believed him, and they sure as hell didn't believe his father.

So Henry went to prison and Barry went into the foster system.

He'd been out hustling cards the say the particle accelerator exploded, a bolt of lightning sending him into a coma for nearly a damn year. Once he recovered, Barry fled STAR Labs, fled the group of scientists that wanted to study him like some kind of lab rat. He's out making his own way, on his own terms and learning just what he can do with his speed.
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